Thursday, November 8, 2012


Winter came and went very quickly for my family - we spent the bulk of it finishing renovations on our beloved first home, deciding to relocate the lot of us to the Waikato, selling said home - and creating an expansive vision for our second home. I had jokingly written in my journal at the start of the year that I wanted to be living in a 'new home' by the end of the year - then commented to W that with all this renovating, our home would be practically new by the end. Remember, words can set an intention!! I did not expect that I would be living in a huge 'new' home by October!! It's only 6 years old so, compared to something built in 1953, it's fairly new!!
So we are settling into sunny warm Cambridge with the spring... may the wind stop blowing, and the sun come out to stay!
I hope the sun is shining where you are...

Friday, April 13, 2012


Well, it's hard to believe over a year has flown since I was last here. Is it the autumnal (love that word!) weather that returns me to my creative heart, after it has been filled by summer sunshine? Doesn't matter why I am back here - I just am ;o)

My very week has been lived quite differently to most: I've practised being in the moment, without worry or indecision (I know, I know.. quite un-Cheryl-like!) and I am finding it easy to practise integrity - doing what I say I am going to do.

Integrity is what I think of as one of 'my words'... It's a word that was first discussed with me by a mentor trainer when I was a fledgling Customer Service trainer back in the day (at DHL), and I use it as an indicator along my journey. Perhaps that's weird, but being around people with integrity, and reminding myself to 'do what I say I'm doing to do' has been my way forward. Of course I do forget sometimes.

Today I am going to act with integrity and take my son and his best-friend-who's-practically-his-cousin to a Lego-building competition. Lego is his favourite thing, and he's going to go to a place where other like-minded souls will be creating, and he's going to have one of his favourite creative people by his side.. Then they are going to the Pirate movie (?? not sure of actual title). His other favourite thing is claymation and stop-motion movies. What a delicious day he will have! Therefore, what a delicious day I will have (and did I mention that the Lego competition is at Moore Wilsons in Wellington? Gosh, what a coincidence that Madder&Rouge is right over the road... and Cafe Laffare ... )
Enjoy your Friday the 13th. I know I am already, C

Friday, April 1, 2011


There has been a lot of pondering about this blog, and life.. however we have also been so busy that the most delicious thing we can manage each day is climbing, exhausted, into bed! How truly grateful I am that my bed is still in my cozy home, with warm insulation above and below - and that my cozy home is filled to the brim with people, animals, and things I love. Many people have not been so lucky over the last 6 weeks - in our country, and abroad. This has reminded me of the value of 'here'. Funny how life does that...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy 2011 to you!

Golly, it's a while since I've been here. hello to you and Happy 2011. I hope that, in the muddle of the Christmas and New Year's celebrations, you have been able to refresh yourself, even if momentarily, and that you are feeling positive about a new year.
I have declared 2011 the year of experiencing confidence in what I know (yipee! Sooo looking forward to my 3rd year of teaching, in this regard). I most want to experience love, and I have already discovered that the best way of doing this is, simply, remembering to breathe. How we overestimate the value of our breath. Seriously.
The other words that intrigue me ths year are 'abundance', 'grace' and 'gratitude'. What lovely words. My actual 'word for the year' is discipline. Watch this space on how I go with that ;) So far the dog has had a walk every day so it's looking good!
What a ramble... just to give you an idea of what's been inspiring me, I'll post you some links.
Rejuvenation and centering is what I received on my weekend to Martinborough (just this last weekend) with 3 dear friends from University years... we stayed here: is the link. It was sooo restful, peaceful, within walking distance of the Square and wineries - and just plain clean and calm. Ahhhhh!

I have been loving this ebook Flying Lessons -, purchased on the strength of a whisper from my creative self... who knows where it will lead. The bit about creating community has led me to Facebook, and soaking up Kelly Rae's positive approach to life has reached through layers of facade to my beaming inner self. Totally quenching my thirst for authenticity in living.

I have also been nourished by Jen Lemen's blog - so much going on, and still a steady focus on her heart and on hope. A newbie to the blogger world is . Another nourishing idea - tending trust.

I toast a 'camping marguerita' to you.. with some tropical popcorn on the side

and please... feel free to leave me crumbs of what's been nourishing you lately! xx C

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our first 'proper' renovation project!

As promised, I am posting up some photos of our first grown-up, proper home renovation project!
Our home is a State house, built in 1953. Titahi Bay got the first State house in the country, and it sits a couple of streets over. This home we chose is blessed with a North-facing lounge and a lovely flat section. We have been here for 6 years now (this week, actually!) and the cosy-ness in winter, and sunshine in summer, have nurtured our souls and our babies.
And all along we have felt that this place deserved a decent do-up. It was whipped into shape by previous owners, but their job was a superficial one. We want to do it justice.
Of course, this takes dollars so progress has been slow. We decided the bathroom was the room most in need and started the process about 3 years ago when hubby knocked out the wall between the toilet and the tiny bathroom. Phew! Space!

Next came my teacher training, and my first year as a teacher.. still the plans were mulled over. Finally, this August, the builders came. Our bathroom went from the above, to this:

to this (we only have one window now):

to this: ta-daaaa....

Every time I go in, my heart sings! I love the sparkle of it, I love the bright colours like watercolour paint on the lino, and I love that the paint colour fits perfectly and is called Onepoto - the name of the big park around the road. Mostly I love that this room is living testament that dreams can come true. Waiting is required, along with visualization, trust, and ... yes... love!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

While I'm here..

Scout, our crazy dog, is growing and has become a dynamic part of our family!! He is 9 months old now and, while it should have happened months earlier, he had his first haircut on the weekend. This will give you a smile :o)

Hi! Join me for a cuppa...

It is the school holidays again and.. after several days of sorting and clearing, and resting, I feel like 'Cheryl' again. Phew! My mind has been here for several days - thinking of what to share, and how to possibly catch you up on the last 4 months. The bathroom renovation photos are to come, and other juicy snaps from round our lovely whare.

For now, I invite you to join me in a cuppa. We have been enjoying schott's Lemon Honey and Ginger drinks, hot (they're a wellington company, you know).

I took this photo of mine last night to send my Dad. He lives in America and has the flu. This drink would certainly help. I sent him lots of love too. What have you been up to?